Strategic Philosophy

A comprehensive solution to food security on a national scale, has to be founded on principles. Its practice has to be holistic, sustainable, inclusive and rewarding. It must also lay the foundation for advances in agriculture for the decades ahead. To achieve this, a research community, focused on new age or 'neofarming', will need to be established across the country with the following goals:

  • Inception: Deploy a precision farming infrastructure in ten experimental open farms and reduce water consumption by 50% while keeping productivity levels stable. This should be achieved by improvising on existing precision farming and irrigation technology to ensure that the fixed capital cost spending does not exceed $1500 USD and monthly expenditure is within $5 per month per 10,000 sqft of arable land.
  • Platform : Set up a regional infrastructure, capable of delivering AI-based precision farming software solutions via the Internet/ mobile network in India within reach of a 2G/3G/4G network. This will empower researchers to perform advanced modeling of agricultural practices by harnessing the power of large-scale data gathering, big-data and machine learning to optimize resource utilization in farming at a national scale.
  • Community : Form a 'Neofarming Consortium' to govern the programme, focused on the agglomeration of talent, capital and innovation to tackle water conservation in agriculture and advanced precision farming. Thus, establish a consortium with participation from researchers, educators, entrepreneurs, investors, business leaders and policy makers.

These are the principles that govern our solution to water conservation and food security in general. However, principles have to be grounded in practice. Therefore, our final solution is to be delivered over a phased 5-year period.

Our Approach

For a holistic solutions to global food security, long term thinking is warranted. Solutions must not only addresses the science behind improved yield & food production, but also the challenges of innovation dispersion, and the development of sustainable research and ecosystem development to support innovation.

At ExoCortex, we work in partnerships with government, industry, universities and non-profit organizations, both locally and internationally, to achieve these objectives. We are committed to developing human empowering technologies in agriculture - where technology works as a catalyst & enabler to a empower small farmer. We are thus engaged in two approaches to address the challenges to the adoption of emerging disruptive agricultural technologies in India.

  • Technology : We create both open-source and proprietary technologies specifically to address inefficiencies in food production, in the farming ecosystem. These products are designed with a prime objective to make such technologies affordable and easier to adopt for small & medium-sized farmers. Today, these technologies address both autonomous farming and knowledge dissemination; both, using advanced artificial intelligence enabled software solutions that power in-farm hardware solutions to drive automation.
  • Community & Impact : We partner with academic, research and industry partners to deliver targeted pilot projects that demonstrate the power of technology to positively impact the lives of farmers, their prosperity and their capacity to produce food. These projects focus on community outreach, re-skilling & training and technology diffusion in rural India.