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Manage your farm from anywhere!

FarmView is an integrated, farm management solution designed to help enterprises remotely manage the operation of a large agricultural farm.

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Integrated view of an entire business: Manage work, relationships (customers & vendors), inventory, payments & receipts from a single integrated web-desktop.

Work & Activity Planning

Manage multiple seasons : Organize several farming seasons in individual workspaces so you can visualize, information from past & current seasons quickly and easily.
Setup activity based task-lists: Use task-lists to organize your farming activities into individual tasks.
Plan your week: Organize your entire seasonal activities into a calendar, so you know what your weeks ahead, looks likes.
Organize farming seasons : Organize all your farming activities & resources for an season into a single workspace, so all your resources are accessible from single place, anytime.
Plan your seasons: Organize your seasons into relevant activities based on farming best-practices so you can track your progress through the season

Farm Automation (Remote Control)

Control & track equipment remotely: Schedule and manage your Bloom compatible equipment (eg: pump controllers or sensors) from the Internet.
Monitor the farm: Use advanced reports to track information about your farm, including: equipment operations (eg: hours of irrigation), weather or markets (eg: commodity prices) from a single daskboard.
Troubleshoot equipment: Track equipment operations (eg: hours of pump operation), weather or markets (eg: commodity prices) from a single daskboard to troubleshoot issues.
Map the farm: Use map-based tools to visualize your farm and assist with your activity planning.

Inventory & Asset Tracking

Track inventory: Track your purchases, stocks & inventory in a single place so you know what is in stock and what is missing.
Track vendors: Track all vendor related information in a single place, so it is quickly accessible to you, even on your mobile phone.
Manage assets: Track all your deployed assets to plan their service & maintenance lifecycle.
Track contacts: Keep track of your customers & vendors from a single integrated enterprise-wide address book, accessible only to you and your supervisors.

Cost Accounting & Cash flow

Track payments: Track of all your payments and invoices in a single place
Track cash flow: Visualize the flow of money in your business through an integrated live cash-flow statement that track all your payments and receipts
Track receipts: Track of all your receipts and invoices in a single place

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Review performance: Use advanced dashboards to track performance indicators that help you drive your business.
Analyze your business: Quickly generate advanced reports to help you analyze & troubleshoot problem areas in your business.
Analyze your business: Use analytical reports to analyze the monthly operation of your business including: sales, work & inventory.

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Price: ₹36,000 / USD $480 / year

Licenses are issued on a per-site (farm) basis.
Includes: * Supports a maximum of up to 5 users. * Up to 200MB of storage.* Free Bloom Mobile subscription.

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