India presents a unique technological challenge to the adoption of contemporary precision farming techniques. Vast tracts of arable land, most of the 40 million hectares available for farming, are in rural India. The communities in these regions invariably lack reliable access to consumer internet and electric power supply. In a country stressed by overpopulation, fluctuations in voltage and frequent power outages are common. That said, even in localities where these facilities exist, access to power and communication technology, within the farms surrounding the community is, very often, non existent. Thus the technological challenges that need to be addressed are many:

  • How does technology reach the farm and its farming community?
  • How do we service them?
  • How do we deliver the most modern farming techniques and practices there?

The Ceres Operating System was designed to address these and many other such technical challenges.


The ExoCortex products are a suite of autonomous farming solutions managed entirely through our Bloom smart mobile application. The entire product suite collectively enables autonomous precision farming solutions at a global scale and is designed to optimize farm production and address challenges like water conservation and disease/pest management in agriculture. All Bloom-enabled equipment are powered by the Ceres Operating System.

The Bloom family of products includes the following product offerings:


BloomBox is a web-connected smart irrigation controller, managed from the internet and helps farmers optimize water utilization in drought affected regions of the country.


BloomProbe is a suite of web-connected in-farm sensors that allows the measurement of environmental parameters (eg: macro climate, micro climate and soil quality).


Bloom is a mobile application designed to give farmers a complete & holistic view of what is happening on their farm and in their environment to help them make better, informed decisions about the actions they will need to perform on their farm.


Farmlab is a industry-wide business intelligence suite designed for researchers, market analysts, strategic consultants, financial analysts, agricultural consultants and policy analysts. The product allows researchers to view and analyze large data sets of market, disease, agricultural practice, environmental and climate related information affecting farms across the country. This allows researchers and farmers to make informed decisions to support farm automation, agronomic research, resource conservation, ecological research, commerce & capital allocation.