Ceres IoT

Ceres IoT

Ceres IoT is the embedded edition of the Ceres Operating System family. Ceres IoT is entirely open-source and is offered as free software under the GNU General Public License. The entire code for the operating system is hosted on the publicly available sourceforge site under the project - Ceres Farm Operating System.

Ceres IoT is designed to operate in extremely constrained and hostile physical environments. It is therefore ideally suited for deployment in a farm where computers are expected to operate with very limited power, often on batteries, and are exposed to harsh environmental conditions like dust, rain and heat.


Ceres IoT operates as a hosted operating system. This means that it can operate under one of several core kernel operating systems (Android, Windows, Linux, BSD). It achieves this by using a portable operating system abstraction layer. This layer is made possible by the highly portable Empact Foundation Class Library, also contributed to the open-source community by the ExoCortex team.

Together, Ceres and its complementary Empact projects, constitute over 250,000 lines of code contributed by the ExoCortex to the open-source community.


Project Profile

  • License : The GNU General Public License v3.0
  • Status : Development
  • Next Release : Version 1.0, Zeus (June 2018)


  • Small footprint, multi-tasking operating system
  • Hosted OS that runs on any modern Posix or Windows compliant operating system
  • Remote re-provisioning or re-purposing of IoT devices without firmware upgrade
  • Micro-kernel architecture with an object-oriented, managed runtime (Lua)
  • Development tools on Windows allows rapid prototyping of solutions

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