About Us

About Us

ExoCortex Systems is a social technology company. Our mission is to feed the next billion human beings on this planet. We intend to make food affordable by transforming how food is produced. We need sustainable communities to do that. We believe that sustainable communities are created by people empowered to make prudent and judicious choices about conserving our planet's limited resources. We make that possible by delivering affordable technologies to make those choices possible to people who survive and make a living at the bottom of the pyramid. We believe, only - they - can change our world. Our goal is to empower them.

Our Role

At ExoCortex , we think of ourselves as a technology enabler. For India to become self-sufficient in its food production, agriculture has to become a data science and our agronomists have to become data scientists. We see ourselves as building the 'Agricultural Internet' platform on which that transformation can happen. Such a platform would allow us to deliver the best ideas generated by our 6500 researchers to our 40 million acres of arable land across the country, everyday, seamlessly. To get there in a decade, we want to start with small achievable objectives to tackle immediate challenges. Our immediate goal is to address water scarcity.

We want India to be a model. We hope that by solving water scarcity in India, we can deliver a blueprint solution for practical water conservation and sustainable agriculture for the entire planet.

Corporate Information

  • Company Name: ExoCortex Systems Private Ltd.
  • Incorporation
  • DIPP (Dept. of Industrial Policy & Promotion): DIPP23547
  • CIN (Corporate Identification Number): U74999KL2018PTC053570
  • PAN (Permanent Account Number): AAFCE0767Q