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Bloom Mobile is a smart phone application designed to give farmers a complete & holistic view of what is happening within their farm and in its surrounding area. The solution is designed to help farmers make better, informed decisions about the actions they will need to perform on their farm. The product is purpose-built for simplicity & ease of use for a farmer and strives to provide the most critical information they need to manage a fully autonomous farm exclusively from a mobile phone.

Price: ₹3,000/- per site yearly

Note: This solution is licensed on a per-site(farm) basis, with unlimited users.


  • Remote Control: Full administrative control of all Bloom compatible autonomous equipment deployed in the farm.

  • Farming Advisory: Live data feed on market trends, climate trends & disease spread.

  • Sensor Telemetry: Real-time reporting on live sensor telemetry including: micro-climate, soil conditions

  • Activity Reporting: Real-time reporting on all autonomous in-farm activities including: irrigation/fertigation.

User Profile

  • Farm Owners - medium/semi-medium farms (2-20ha)

  • Farm Administrators - Large collective farms (50-100ha)

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