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Wireless Connectivity

Connect any equipment, anywhere!

Connecting a distributed network of mission-critical equipment over a wide coverage area of several square kilometers, can be a hard challenge. Wired alternative on the other hand are costlier to deploy and difficult to maintain or reconfigure. Hence, without robust, reliable, secure bi-directional communication infrastructure, it is impossible to guarantee that mission-critical equipment like controllers, sensors & control systems interoperate reliably, to ensure their fail-safe operation.

Bloom Vox is family of low-cost, industrial-grade gateways & hubs that enables such capabilities. Bloom Vox is a suite of products built using LoRa-based, wireless LPWAN (low-power, wide-area network) technologies that make it easier to deploy and integrate WiFi capable Bloom-compatible devices over long distances.

Why Vox?

Bloom Vox is a proprietary WiFi-over-radio (WFoR) networks allows you to distribute zones of WiFi coverage, and interconnect them over long-range radio. The technology provides a full-duplex (or bi-directional) device-to-device, communication through a messaging middleware accessible over WiFi access point. As such, any device (eg: valves to air/moisture sensors) that operates over the WiFi (802.11) standard can be rapidly deployed, programmed to interconnect/reconfigure and monitored during maintenance without the need of costly, inflexible wired alternatives.

Alternatively, beyond just enabling connectivity to the internet, Bloom Vox is also designed to service a disconnected, fully-autonomous network of devices d in remote locations. Such "notspot" networks, inaccessible to WAN (wide-area networks) - eg: mobile wireless or phone network - often cover remote farms, forested areas or industrial sites. When configured to operate such networks, Bloom Vox and its middleware creates a virtual communication backbone on which hosted Bloom-compatible devices can interoperate without the requirement of either cloud-based services or Internet-based communication alternatives.

Though originally conceived to address farming applications, its open architecture makes Bloom Vox also suitable for a wide range of industrial applications where low-cost, long-distance communication capability is a prerequisite. Such applications includes both rural, urban and scientific applications such as: smart grids, water distribution, lighting & signaling, sensor networks etc.

Net Price: ₹3,500 / USD $50 (onward)

Additional taxes & shipping charges may apply.
Includes: * Web-based dashboard panel* Full 1-year hardware replacement warranty* Free consulting & deployment support

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Bloom Vox provides a communication backbone that integrates a wide range of technologies like autonomous valves or moisture sensors using WiFi-over-radio (WFoR), over long distances.
Vox Me, a wearable router allows mobile users to communicate directly with the devices on an off-grid Bloom network.
Bloom irrigation controller demonstration in recent news.

Bloom Vox - Base

Connects upto 4 equipment to any gateway.
* Full-duplex communication to gateway* Fail-over to multiple gateways* Web-based, remote administration* 802.11 compatible

Net Price: ₹3500 / USD $50

Bloom Vox - Gateway

For small farms, upto 25 equipment.
* Single channel, full-duplex communication

Net Price: ₹5,000 / USD $70

Bloom Vox - Gateway+

For large farms with 100+ equipment.
* Dual channel, full-duplex communication* Offline-capable, disconnected operation

Net Price: ₹7,500/ USD $100

Bloom Vox - Me

Wearable gateway for mobile communication.
* Full-duplex communication to gateway* Fail-over to multiple gateways* Web-based, remote administration* 802.11 compatible

Net Price: ₹5000 / USD $70

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