Bloom Box

Farm Automation Controller

Bloom Box is a versatile family of general-purpose farm controllers designed to help you plan and schedule an entire crop season of diverse set of farm activities (eg: irrigation, fertigation, climate-control etc.) automatically.

Bloom controllers automate a wide variety of activities allowing them to be managed entirely through a mobile phone or optionally through a web browser. This means that you can be anywhere when you need to administer your farm.

Bloom controllers are designed to operate seamlessly with a wide range of compatible Bloom Sensors and a family of mobile & cloud based farm management applications that constitute the Bloom Suite.

All Bloom controllers in your farm can be configured for administration and orchestration with a growing number of Bloom compatible sensors & compatible products from other equipment manufacturers (OEM) using our centralized cloud-based application - Bloom FarmView. This high level of seamless interoperability with other cloud-capable farm equipment makes possible unlimited scope for interplay, and easy integration.

Net Price: ₹1,750/- to ₹5,600/-

Additional taxes & shipping charges may apply.

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Bloom controllers, connected to an irrigation pump, can run uninterrupted pump schedules for several months.
Rathinamoorthy, a coconut farmer in Udumalpet, uses Bloom irrigation controllers to automate both his borewell & irrigation pumps to ensure a dependable water supply in his farm.

How it Works

Imagine if a farm equipment like a pump had a brain of its own. It would irrigate by itself every day. Then, you wouldn't have to worry about 'starting the pump at 4:00am in the morning' or 'switching the pump on', when you are away from the farm. The pump would even be smart enough to turn the pump off on a rainy day.

Bloom controllers do precisely that for you - automate your entire farm, including: irrigation systems (pumps & valves), solar dryers or any other system running on AC power supplies. When connected to a pump, the controller schedules repetitive pump operation based on a schedule and optionally, adapts the schedule to changes in the environmental (eg: climate or reservoir water level), based on readings from a sensor. That said, Bloom controllers are not limited to irrigation applications alone. These versatile 'smart-switch' controllers are today being employed to operates in a growing number of segments including: farm irrigation, residential water management & greenhouse solar dryers.

Bloom controllers are entirely wireless systems operating on radio or cellular networks, allows you to spread them over a wide geographic area. Furthermore, the controllers are accessible from anywhere via the Internet and easily re-configurable using a mobile phone application even when you are not on your farm.

Install a Bloom controller in your factory, farm or residence, today and let Bloom manage and optimize the irrigation systems in your farm.

Smartphone applications help farmers remotely manage all farm equipment, including pumps & valves.
Bloom irrigation controllers profiled in recent news.
The compact Bloom Mini edition of the BloomBox is a rugged, smart switch, for most demanding urban residential & commercial application including heavy machinery & pumps.

Bloom Box - Mini (WiFi Edition)

For residential applicaitons with WiFi connectivity.
* Schedule up to 120 days in advance* WiFi 802.11 a/b/c compatible* Bluetooth compatible* 220V, 30A, maximum 6000W

Net Price: ₹1,750 / USD $30

MRP: ₹2,500/-

Bloom Box - Basic (WiFi Edition)

For industrial applications with WiFi connectivity.
* Schedule up to 120 days in advance* WiFi 802.11 a/b/c compatible* Bluetooth compatible* 110-440V, 30A, maximum 6000W

Net Price: ₹4,000 / USD $60

MRP: ₹5,800/-

Bloom Box - Prime (GSM Edition)

For industrial applications with to 2G connectivity.
* Schedule up to 120 days in advance* 2G/3G network compatible* WiFi 802.11 a/b/c compatible* Bluetooth compatible* 110-440V, 30A, maximum 6000W

Net Price: ₹5,600 / USD $80

MRP: ₹7,000/-

Bloom Abyss (Optional)

Compatible wireless depth sensor.
* For automatic overflow protection (eg:pump)* WiFi 802.11 a/b/c compatible

Net Price: ₹1,499 / USD $20

Bloom Clime (Optional)

Compatible climate sensor.
* For automatic climate control (eg:greenhouse)* WiFi 802.11 a/b/c compatible

Net Price: ₹2,499 / USD $40


  • More Water: Schedule bore wells to increase the water available to you in your well.

  • Conserve Water: Schedule irrigation to save water you use from your well in farming.

  • Know More: Understand how water is used in the farm to improve farm output.

  • Irrigate Reliably: Overcome power shortages or power cuts and irrigate farms regularly.

  • Save Labour: Synchronizes pumps & valves to operate automatically, anytime, without attendance.

  • Plan Irrigation: Setup fine-tuned irrigation timetables for an entire crop season - week, month or year.

  • Get Climate Smart: Use weather data to adapt irrigation schedules, by automatically turning pumps off during rain.


  • Simple Setup: Setup irrigation timetable for full week, month or year.

  • Lowest Cost: Most affordable full-featured pump controller on market, with a full 12-month replacement warranty.

  • Fully Automatic: One-time hassle-free setup. (No daily/frequent SMS required.)

  • Reliable: Automatic timetable recovery after shutdown/power cut.

  • Remote Access: Total setup through mobile phone or web browser.

  • Valve Support: Wireless synchronization with valves on pipelines.

  • Broad Support: Supports any standard industrial irrigation or submersible pumps.

  • Offline Capable: Can operate offline pumps in remote locations with no network or mobile connectivity.

Minimum Requirement


*3 Phase AC Power Supply*3 Phase AC Starter / DOL Starter*3 Phase AC Motor


*3G/2G Mobile Internet (for online pumps)

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