Bloom Yukon

Industrial Water Management

Automate your water distribution from the cloud!

Managing a large water distribution system in a large farm, greenhouse, apartment or industrial area, without automation, can be a complex & labor intensive task. It doesn't have to be.

If you manage a large network of pumps spread across an immense area, Bloom Yukon is the ideal low-cost, irrigation management solution for you. Bloom Yukon makes it easier to automate & optimize your entire water distribution network from a desktop using a browser or from anywhere, conveniently using a mobile smartphone.

Why Yukon?

In dry areas, businesses & communities are under particular risk from water shortage. With rising cost of power & labor, optimizing your operational costs, required to produce reliable water supplies for your organization, can be extremely hard. Moreover, new unplanned situation like a water outage or a pandemic lock down can make an already dire situation, an impossible crisis.

You need a centralized water management infrastructure to handle these challenges. Automating your borewell & pumps using Bloom Yukon can ensure reliable water supplies at a lower total cost of operation.

Although originally designed for farming applications, Bloom's versatile controllers and its integrated infrastructure that constitute the Bloom Yukon solution have now been successfully deployed across India in several urban communities to deliver reliable water supplies. Bloom Yukon allow you to orchestrate a complex, repetitive pumping schedules on a very large network of pump, automatically and remotely from a single location. Bloom guarantees:

  • Reduced labor costs: by offloading labor with automating of complex schemes of pumping schedules that last a seasons, several months or years.

  • Maximum water availability for your business: by running repetitive hourly schedules to draw more water daily.

  • Automatic refills: by autonomously triggering schedules based on water level measurements from sensors.

  • Safety of your pump equipment: by protecting your pump against damage from power shortages, outages or dry runs.

  • Robust recovery from power failure: by automatically restarting pumping schedules after power cuts.

  • Reliable remote operation: by providing full automatic mobile & browser control over your entire infrastructure.

  • Avoid flooding & wastage: by using integrated water level sensors to prevent overflow of storage tanks or reservoirs.


Bloom Yukon is an product offering that combines the power of several Bloom technologies into an integrated turnkey water management solution. The products include:

Bloom Yukon provides you a scalable, turnkey integrated water management solution that makes it easy for you to manage your entire water distribution network.

Call us today to learn more about Bloom Yukon and install a system in your business or community today.

Net Price: ₹72,000 / USD $1000

or EMI Option: ₹10,000/month + ₹25,000 (advance)
Additional taxes & shipping charges may apply. Pricing may vary depending of farm size & characteristics. Each deployment is custom built for a site. Terms & conditions apply.

Includes: * 1 wireless pump controllers * 4 wireless valve controllers (upto10-25 acre).* Multi-user mobile application (Android & iPhone) * Web-based dashboard application* Full 1-year hardware replacement warranty* Free consulting & deployment support

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Bloom borewell controllers ensure reliable water supplies in dry summers by running uninterrupted automatic pumping schedules on a submersible pump for long periods lasting up to six months.
Nagraj, the TWAD (Tamilnadu Water Supply and Drainage Board) supervisor for the village of Vellivoyal, Tamilnadu. A fleet of 5 Bloom controllers now ensures reliable drinking water supplies for the entire Vellivoyal panchayat - a population of 3511 individuals including 820 families during the Covid-19 crisis.
Bloom's mobile application allows you to manage and schedule your entire pump network remotely.

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