Bloom Sol

Industrial Solar Dryer Grid

Preserve food. Save power!

From our farms to grocery stores to dinner tables, one-third of the food we grow is wasted. What can we do about it? Preserve more.

Drying and preserving fruits and vegetables and fruits, and cooling and packing produce at source significantly reduces such losses—with losses shrinking, in the example of tomatoes in Afghanistan, from 50 percent to just 5 percent.

Why Sol?

Bloom Sol is an autonomous solar dryer array designed to process-dry large volumes of produce at commercial scale. It automates the drying process for large-scale production of preserved fruits & vegetables by optimally managing the dryer climate, using renewable solar energy.

  • Reduced labor costs: by offload labor by automating the drying process to Bloom controllers that autonomously manage each dryer.

  • Manage large drying volumes: by automate a large fleet of dryer. An array can consist of 10-100 dryer units, with each dryer unit capable of drying 20-100 kg each.

  • Ensure better prices for produce: by finely controlling the climate within the dryer to improve the quality of the output from the drying process.

  • Ensure hygiene & high food quality: by using higher temperature (upto 50° C) to dramatically reduce drying time while also preventing exposure to pathogens or mildew.

  • Safety of your electrical equipment: by protecting your dryer equipment from damage from power spikes or outages.

Bloom Sol, an R&D initiative with Vivunes to delivers a low-cost autonomous, climate-controlled, solar dryer designed to process dried fruits & vegetables, in high-volume, at an industrial scale, using renewable solar energy.
Bloom's mobile application allows you to manage and schedule your entire industrial solar greenhouse grid remotely to produce dried fruits and vegetables in commercial volumes.


Bloom Sol is an product offering that combines the power of several Bloom technologies with a commercial grade solar greenhouse dryer, into an integrated turnkey solar dryer array. The products include:

Bloom Sol provides you a single integrated solar dryer array that makes it easy for you to produce preserved fruits & vegetables are a commercial scale.

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Net Price: ₹29,000 / USD $390

Additional taxes & shipping charges may apply.
Includes: * Multi-user mobile application (Android & iPhone) * Basic solar dryer - 20kg capacity * Web-based dashboard panel* Full 1-year hardware replacement warranty* Free consulting & deployment support

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Bloom controllers ensure reliable scheduling of dryer fans to finely control the climate within regions of the dryer, for long drying periods lasting up to three months.

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