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Imagine that your submersible pump had a brain of its own. It could then irrigate by itself every day, for months or even years. Then, you wouldn't have to worry about 'starting the pump at 4 AM in the morning' or 'switching the pump on', when you are too farm away from the farm.

Bloom controllers do precisely that for you - automate your entire water disribution system, including your irrigation pumps, borewell submersibles pumps & valves. When connected to a pump, the controller schedules repetitive pump operation based on a schedule and optionally, adapts it changes in climate.

The Bloom controller is fully mobile controlled & accessible from anywhere on the Internet, making it easy to schedule your pump, even when you are not on your farm.

Install a Bloom controller in your farm today and let Bloom manage and optimize the irrigation systems in your farm.

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Bloom's mobile application allows farmers to manage all farm equipment (pumps & valves) remotely .
Daily reports help you track and understand water usage patterns in your farm. You can then use the simple scheduler to optimize repetitive pump operation to save more water for your crops.
All Bloom controllers are eligible for a full 12-month replacement warranty. EMI options starting at ₹400/- are now available on all Bloom controller solutions. Please contact us for more details on these offers and other financing options.