Bloom Sensors

Sensor Family

The Bloom Suite is an integrated solution offerings composed of several Bloom compatible products that plug-n-play into each other like building-blocks. This allows you to quickly customize turnkey solutions by composing solutions from a palette of technology building-blocks. The Bloom Sensor family is a suite of sensor technologies that integrate wirelessly into an in-farm ecosystem. Composing farm solutions in this manner makes it possible to think of a suite of Bloom products & Bloom-compatible OEM products as a plug-n-play ecosystem with unlimited possibilities for interplay and easy integration.

How it Works?

Each Bloom Sensor measures a single environmental parameter from the farm environment. The telemetry feed from each sensor can be easily configured to control an BloomBox controller operating in your farm using you Bloom Mobile smartphone application. As an example, this allows you to trigger a fan in a solar dryer or a sprinkler in a poly-house depending on the temperature with the enclosure.

Solution Offering


  • Wireless Plug & Play: Automate BloomBox farm controller with data including: well water level or micro climate.
  • Remote Control: Full administrative control of all sensors deployed in-farm through Bloom Mobile or Bloom FarmView.
  • Sensor Telemetry: Real-time reporting on live sensor telemetry including: micro-climate, soil conditions.
  • Activity Reporting: Advanced real-time & historical reporting on all telemetry received from the farm.

Usage Profile

  • Medium/semi-medium farms (2-20ha)
  • Large collective farms (50-100ha)

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