Connected Infrastructure for Autonomous Farming

Who We Are

We are ExoCortex, a farming-as-a-service company developing the connected infrastructure to make large-scale autonomous agriculture possible. We develop Bloom, a suite of integrated software & hardware cloud-based solutions, purpose-built to assist farmers manage semi-autonomous farms.

At ExoCortex our immediate focus is on developing automation solutions to address two crucial problems ailing agriculture today - farm productivity & water scarcity. In the long-term however, our Bloom infrastructure is also being built to as a foundation for a industrial autonomous farming, at scale, thus allowing us to address broader factors threatening the future of global food security.

Our mission is to make precision farming accessible to growers, so our planet can feed the next billion humans.


Bloom is a cloud infrastructure platform, composed of a suite of integrated technologies, designed to enable autonomous assisted farming. The collection of products in the Bloom suite is designed to make in-farm automation technologies affordable and easier to adopt for small & medium-sized farmers. As an integrated suite, Bloom delivers a full spectrum of autonomous farming capabilities including: In-farm automation (IoT sensors & controllers), application (mobile & web) and programmable web services, all supported & orchestrated by a central, cloud-based, agro-intelligence infrastructure.

Bloom is powered by Ceres, an open-source IoT operating system, developed & managed by ExoCortex. Ceres is purpose-built to drive large-scale, autonomous agricultural infrastructures.