Bloom Clime

Ambient Climate Sensor

Bloom Clime is a versatile climate sensor that monitors ambient temperature & relative humidity. The sensor software operates on a standard, low-cost, commercial HiGrow hardware and wirelessly plugs into with Bloom in-farm ecosystem. The sensor can be used to automate the activation or shutdown of BloomBox controllers, for example to autonomously alter their schedules a industrial fans that control the climate in a solar dryer that controls ambient temperature or the operation of a misting system that controls relative humidity.

Bloom Clime can be calibrated or monitored entirely from an Android of iPhone using the Bloom Mobile application.

Net Price: ₹2,499 / USD $40

Additional taxes & shipping charges may apply.


  • Wireless Plug & Play: Automate BloomBox farm controller with data including: well water level or micro climate.

  • Remote Control: Full administrative control of all sensors deployed in-farm through Bloom Mobile or Bloom FarmView.

  • Sensor Telemetry: Real-time reporting on live sensor telemetry including: micro-climate, soil conditions.

  • Activity Reporting: Advanced real-time & historical reporting on all telemetry received from the farm.

Usage Profile

  • Medium/semi-medium farms (2-20ha)

  • Large collective farms (50-100ha)

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