Bloom Suite

Bloom is a 'whole-solution' connected farm infrastructure. It integrates three critical capabilities required to run all autonomous farm: in-farm autonomy, cloud orchestration and centralized administration.

The Bloom solution suite a single fully integrated turn-key solution of software and hardware products that work together to orchestrate an autonomous farm. By combining a complete autonomous farming infrastructure with collection of comprehensive farm management solutions Bloom makes the task of managing a complex autonomous farming operation simpler and easier than ever before.


Together, the components of the Bloom solution suite collectively enables, plug-n-play, autonomous precision farming at a farm scale. However, farms connected to the decision support systems of the Bloom infrastructure go further by also being able to optimize farm production and address challenges in agriculture like water conservation and disease/pest management at a industrial scale. Bloom does this by delivering actionable agro-intelligence, in real-time, to all autonomous farming equipment operating within a connected farm.

All components of the Bloom infrastructure are managed remotely through a smart phone, web browser or optionally, a voice assistant. The Bloom family of solutions includes the following specific product offerings:

In-Farm Solutions

Bloom Box - Smart Farm Controllers

  • Bloom Box is a family of web-connected smart IoT controller used to orchestrate farm activities, managed entirely from the internet. Bloom irrigation controllers help farmers optimize water utilization in the farm.

Bloom Weir - Wireless Irrigation Valves

  • Bloom Weir is a wireless radio-controlled, solar-powered, irrigation valve that operates in concert with a Bloom Box to deliver a fully autonomous irrigation infrastructure for large and medium sized farms. (eg: orchards, plantations, vinyards etc.)

Bloom Sensor- IoT Sensor Technologies

Bloom Wireless - Networking Solutions

  • Bloom Vox is a family of low-cost, industrial-grade wireless connectivity solutions built using LPWAN (low-power, wide-area network) technologies that make it easier to deploy and integrate WiFi-compatible devices over long distances using WiFi-over-radio (WFoR).

Enterprise Solutions

Bloom FarmView - Farm Management Suite

  • Bloom FarmView is a farm management solution designed to help enterprises manage the end-to-end operations of medium & large autonomous farms.

Bloom FarmLab - Research Portal

  • Bloom FarmLab is a industry-wide business intelligence suite designed for researchers, market analysts, strategic consultants, financial analysts, agricultural consultants and policy analysts. The product allows researchers to view and analyze large data sets of market, disease, agricultural practice, environmental and climate related information affecting farms across the industry.

Bloom Cerebrum - Private Cloud

  • Bloom Cerebrum is a complete, on-premise, private AIoT Cloud infrastructure that allows you to customize and deploy the entire Bloom suite on a secure, private network, fully uncoupled from the Internet.

Bloom Mobile - Smartphone Application

  • Bloom Mobile is a smartphone application designed to give farmers a complete & holistic view of what is happening on their farm and in their environment to help them make better, informed decisions about the actions they will need to perform on their farm.

Industrial Solutions

Bloom Yukon - Water Management

  • Bloom Yukon is a turnkey, industrial autonomous water management solution that makes it easier to automate & optimize your entire water distribution network from a desktop using a browser or from anywhere using a mobile smartphone.

Bloom Sol - Solar Dryer Grid

  • Bloom Sol is an autonomous solar dryer array designed to process-dry large volumes of produce at commercial scale. It automates the drying process for large-scale production of preserved fruits & vegetables by optimally managing the dryer climate, using renewable solar energy..