Bloom Cerebrum

Private Cloud Infrastructure

Autonomy for remote, offline & alternative farms.

Bloom Cerebrum is a complete, on-premise, private IoT Cloud infrastructure that allows you to customize and deploy the entire Bloom suite on a secure, private network, fully uncoupled from the Internet.

Bloom Cerebrum is a turnkey solution providing farming orchestration capabilities for disconnected remote farms located in places with unreliable or no internet connectivity. It can also be deployed in locations where cloud connectivity is either simply not possible or is undesirable. In either of these environments, Cerebrum ensures that all Bloom equipment deployed within a farm inter-operate seamlessly without the need of a public cloud infrastructure (like AWS or Azure, or GCP) or a local area network (LAN). Cerebrum achieves this, be co-operating with the Bloom Vox family of farm networking solutions that create a secure, wireless radio perimeter around the farm for all Bloom-compatible devices.

Bloom Cerebrum delivers autonomous farming capabilities in the most challenging conventional & alternative farming environments tackling peak water & climate change today. Applications Cerebrum is designed to solve include:

  • Off-grid farm automation.

  • Desert & dryland farming.

  • Containerized & soilless farming.

  • Desert greening, soil restoration & recovery.

Net Price: ₹20,000 / USD $250 (onward)

Additional taxes & shipping charges may apply.
Includes: * Web-based dashboard panel* Full 1-year hardware replacement warranty* Free consulting & deployment support

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Bloom Cerebrum is designed to operate the most challenging conventional & alternative farming environments including greenhouses, containerized & vertical farms.
Bloom Cerebrum is always deployed on a ruggedized industrial computer designed to operated in the most hostile farming environments.

Why Cerebrum?

When configured to operate with a Bloom Cerebrum, Bloom-compatible sensors & controllers communicate with each other, over a wireless networks, with full oversight of the farm orchestration services offered by Cerebrum. AI-based services integrates computer vision, automation, and machine learning to monitor crop schedules, operational parameters of equipment and climatic & environmental variables to ensure optimal crop growth 24/7. Furthermore, Cerebrum also fully integrates with the Bloom Vox family of networking & connectivity solutions, allowing you to orchestrate farming activities using a secure, private, in-farm radio network that corers a wireless perimeter of up to 2km in radius.

Bloom Cerebrum technology ensures:

  • Security: Secure in-farm communication with intrusion protection.

  • Ease of Use: Centralized administration & monitoring of all in-farm Bloom devices.

  • Reliability: Robust, fault-tolerant, communication between mission critical equipment like sensors & controllers.

  • Autonomy: Advanced AI-enabled, farm orchestration services.

Compact versions of the Bloom Cerebrum operating on a energy efficient micro controllers and powered using standard Lithium-ion battery banks, can operate a remote farm unattended for months, fully decoupled from the Internet.

Bloom Cerebrum - Compact

For small farm sites, upto 50 equipment.
* 1GHz single-core, ARMv6 * 512MB DDR3 RAM* 8GB SSD storage* Web-based, remote administration* 802.11 compatible

Net Price: ₹20,000 / USD $250

Bloom Cerebrum - Standard

For mid-sized farms, upto 250 equipment.
* 1.92GHz quad-core, Intel Atom z8350 * 4 GB DDR3 RAM* 32 GB SSD storage* Bloom FarmView , 5-user CAL* Web-based, remote administration* 1 Gbps Ethernet + Built-in Wifi * 802.11 compatible

Net Price: ₹1,50,000 / USD $2000

Bloom Cerebrum - Enterprise

For large farms, upto 4000 equipment.
* 3.0 GHz dual-core, Intel Core i3-8109U* 8 GB DDR3 RAM* 240 GB SSD storage* Bloom FarmView , 40-user CAL* Web-based, remote administration* 1 Gbps Ethernet + Built-in Wifi * 802.11 compatible

Net Price: ₹3,75,000 / USD $5000

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