Bloom Weir

Wireless Irrigation Valves

Save more water in your farm!

Managing the irrigation schedule of a large farm can be tedious and labor intensive . On the other hand, automating this activity will not just reduce your labor costs, but also ensure that your crops are optimally irrigated at a precise hour, everyday.

Bloom Weir is a turnkey, autonomous, wireless valve controller that allows you to reliably schedule the operation of any valve within your farm area. Built atop our patent-pending Bloom Vox, WiFi-over-radio (WFoR) communication technology, Bloom Weir allows you to automate a very large, distributed network of valves over long distances. Such an irrigation pipeline network, can cover upto 4 sq km (or 1000 acres ) in area. When programmed to operated with Bloom pump controllers, our solutions make it easier for you to automate & optimize your entire water distribution network, remotely, from the convenience of your mobile smartphone or a desktop computer.

Why Weir?

Bloom Weir is a fully self-contained, wireless valve control system, with a built-in solar power source & redundant power supply. Bloom Weir guarantees:

  • Reduced labor costs: by automating complex irrigation schedules for an entire crop season.

  • Conserve water: by precisely controlling which areas of your farm get water during the day.

  • Reliable operation: by reliably operating irrigation schedules even during power cuts.

  • Remote operation: by providing full automatic mobile control over your entire infrastructure.

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Net Price: ₹7,500 / USD $100

Additional taxes & shipping charges may apply.
Includes: * Web-based dashboard panel* Full 1-year hardware replacement warranty* Free consulting & deployment support

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Bloom valve controllers ensures reliable, finely control water delivery to specific subdivisions (or plots) in your farm, based on programmable schedules for long periods lasting upto six months.
Bloom's mobile application allows you to manage and schedule your entire valve network remotely.

How does it work?

Bloom Weir integrates a fully autonomous solenoid valve control system that uses solar panel power supply with a redundant power storage. It connects with our cloud-based irrigation software using long-range radio communication. These radio-controlled valves allow you to automate a pipe network deployed over an region upto 1000 acres in area. Bloom Weir valves can be controlled entirely from a smart phone using Bloom Mobile or web browser using Bloom FarmView.

Bloom irrigation controller demonstration in recent news.

Bloom Weir - Basic (WiFi Edition)

For residential applicaitons with WiFi connectivity.
* Schedule up to 120 days in advance* For - Rainbird, Hunter, UFlow (Solenoid Valves)

Net Price: ₹7,500 / USD $100

MRP: ₹9,000/-

Bloom Weir - (2" Valve Edition)

Full installation kit, including 2"valve.
* Schedule up to 120 days in advance* Includes: 2" UFlow Solenoid Valves

Net Price: ₹15,000 / USD $200

MRP: ₹18,500/-

Bloom Weir - (2.5" Valve Edition)

Full installation kit, including 2.5"valve.
* Schedule up to 120 days in advance* Includes: 2.5" UFlow Solenoid Valves

Net Price: ₹21,000/ USD $290

MRP: ₹27,500/-

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