Bloom FarmView

Farm Management Suite

FarmView is a farm management solution designed to help enterprises manage the end-to-end operations of medium & large autonomous farms.

FarmView is a product purpose-built for autonomous agriculture and designed specifically to manage large distributed farms. By fusing autonomous agriculture with a contemporary enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, FarmView provides a single, unified tool that farmers can use to manage all of their entire autonomous infrastructure and farming resources from anywhere on the internet.

FarmView provides both direct control over all autonomous farming equipment connected to the Bloom platform and the comprehensive tool set to manage your finances, inventory & operations in one simple, easy-to-use, web-based application.

Price: ₹6000/- per site yearly

Note: This solution is licensed per site, up to a maximum of 5 users.


FarmView supports eight main software solutions:

  • Inventory Management: Supports back office operations including: procurement, inventory, shipping.
  • Work Management: Seasonal work order tracking, activity planning .
  • Contact & Relationship Management: Supports contact, vendor and customer management.
  • Cashflow Management: Supports financial back office operations including: invoicing, billing & payments.
  • Farm Operation Center: Central control & administration for autonomous farming, of all in-farm IoT - equipment & sensors.
  • Asset Management: Assets tracking, maintenance & service scheduling; IoT infrastructure control.
  • Business Intelligence: Business intelligence including: sensor telemetry, in-farm operation, work & financial reporting.
  • Market Intelligence: Local market intelligence including: commodity markets, pricing, weather & disease reporting.

This product is supported in 4 international and 3 Indian regional Indian languages including: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, Tamil, Kannada.

Customer Profile

The product is suitable for large & medium-sized farms with 20ha or more under management, including:

  • Collective & Co-operative farms
  • Corporate farms
  • Eco-Villages

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