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Bloom Farmlab is a industry-wide business intelligence suite designed for researchers, market analysts, strategic consultants, financial analysts, agricultural consultants and policy analysts. The product allows researchers to view and analyze large data sets of market, disease, agricultural practice, environmental and climate related information affecting farms across the country. This allows researchers and farmers to make informed decisions to support farm automation, agronomic research, resource conservation, ecological research, commerce & capital allocation.

Price: ₹12000 / USD $160 (per user yearly)

Note: This solution is available free for accredited academic institutions & non-profits. Contact our sales team to learn more about a free academic or non-profit licensing options.


  • Nationwide Data: Business intelligence at with full drill-downs from a national to per-farm level.

  • Rich Datasets: Collates multi-year trends on - Climate, Census, Disease, Farm Practices, Environment, Industry/Markets.

  • Farming Intelligence: Live data feed on market trends, climate trends & disease spread.

  • Sensor Telemetry: Summary reports on live telemetry in Bloom deployed farms including - micro-climate, soil conditions.

This product is supported in 4 international and 3 Indian regional Indian languages including: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, Tamil, Kannada.

Customer Profile

  • Market & Business Analysts

  • Academic Researchers

  • Policy Analysts

  • Financial Analysts

  • Strategic Consultants

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