• Setup 3-acre Green Lab autonomous farming incubator in Udumalpet, Tamilnadu in partnership with AvaniJal, Black & Decker, Kritsnam and Nile Automation.
  • Successful pilot of the Bloom Box irrigation automation controller during the Kari season at the incubator.
  • Bloom Box product launch on October 2nd, 2019.
  • November 2019 - Bloom deployments cross 100acres, in 22 farms, across three districts.
  • Bloom FarmView & Bloom Mobile in pilot in 7 farms.


  • Incorporation of ExoCortex Systems Pvt. Ltd.
  • Raised first seed round from early investors to develop the Bloom platform.


Exploratory Pilots

  • Partnered with Avanijal to augment their current customer, in Karnataka, deployments with Ceres in Q2 2018.

Platform Development

  • Ceres Operating System - Although the company was incorporated in June 2017, several activities were initiated as early as 2015. The principals of ExoCortex has already contributed over 30+ man years of software to open-source. This does not include 40+ man years of proprietary software that is not in the public domain.
  • OEM Partnerships – We have formed an alliance with Avanijal a Bangalore based NASSCOM incubated startup that develops low-cost automated irrigation systems that will be integrated into our cloud-based precision farming infrastructure.

Community Development

  • Academic Partnerships – Our collaborative research grant pipeline, currently under review, includes 3.5crores of funding with our alliances with IIT-Kanpur, IIT-Madras, University of Technology Sydney, Tamilnadu Agriculture University, Kerala Agriculture University.
  • Governmental Partnerships – Our engagement with IIT-Kanpur's UBA program under the Ministry of HRD, enables us to engage directly with Kanpur's local governing & NGO bodies, open up the UBA model villages for pilot deployments.
  • Industry Partnerships – Actively engaged as one of the four founders of the 'Neofarming Consortium on Water Conservation'. The nascent consortium is already in early talks with leadership in Mahindra & Mahindra and Jain irrigation to formalize the relationship into an industrial consortium.