Bloom Box

Mobile Borewell Controller

Save more water for your farm!

During dry spells, crops & humans are under particular risk from water scarcity. Saving more of your limited water supplies & using water more wisely can ensure a problem-free summer.

Bloom borewell controllers make it easy to save more water in your farm or residence. Our controllers allow you to run repetitive pumping schedules automatically to draw more water from your borewell for irrigation every day. Bloom guarantees:

  • Maximum water availability for your crops: by running repetitive hourly schedules to draw more water daily.

  • Robust recovery from power failure: by automatic restart of pumping schedules after power cuts.

  • Reliable offline operation: by providing full automatic support in farms with no mobile connectivity.

Farm smarter and protect your crops from a harsh climate. Call us today to install a Bloom controller and save more water in your farm everyday.

Net Price: ₹3,999 / USD $60

MRP: ₹5,800/- (Save 30%). Additional taxes & shipping charges may apply.

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Bloom borewell controllers ensure reliable water supplies in dry summers by running uninterrupted automatic pumping schedules on a submersible pump for long periods lasting up to six months.
Rathinamoorthy, a coconut farmer in Udumalpet, uses Bloom irrigation controllers to automate both his borewell & irrigation pumps to ensure a dependable water supply in his farm.

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