Ceres IoT (Hera Release)

The Hera release is an exploratory experiment to figure out a low-cost turnkey infrastructure on a national scale can avert the scourge of climate change in the poorest of countries around the world. Although this is an Indian story, there is a resonance of the same challenges across Equatorial & Sub-Saharan Africa, South-Asia, Latin America & South East Asia.


The Hera release is an exploratory experiment to figure out what kind of a low-cost IoT infrastructure is required to delopy AI-based precision farming across farms in emerging countries. The experiments in architecture, platforms & technologies here, are the intial steps toward a highly distributed, remotely deployable IoT hosted operating system running on a broad set of real-time OS (including Arduino, RTOS, Windows-Embedded & Linux), operating in devices spread across farms in the emerging countries.


Hera is a feasibility study for Zeus, that answers the following questions:

  • Is it possible to automate a remote rural farm entirely using IoT?

  • It it possible to remotely administer, upgrade and reprovision it entirely through mobile phone or internet?

  • Is it possible to automate a farm at $0.1/sqft?


We are now optimistic that the objectives can be achieved. However, we will need to significantly modify our original architecture.


TODO: Concept-Diagram.png


  • Microkernel

  • Cooperative multi-tasking process manager

  • Lua virtual machine runtime.

  • Windows & Arduino port

  • RAD (appemu) application simulation tool.

Project Outline

For an outline of the project description, checkout the wiki page on sourceforge.